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Focusing on Trial and Litigation, Dedicated to Continuing Legal Education

"The Lawyers' Knowledge Network"

6,000 Attorneys in 22 Separate and Independent Trial Law Firms Practicing in Over 135 Offices Throughout the United States and Canada

The Network is a not-for-profit corporation producing cutting-edge CLE.
The Network of Trial Law Firms, Inc. is a not-for-profit membership association. The goal of the 22 law firms participating in the Network is to provide their clients with high-quality trial and litigation representation through advances in education, technology, business and science. The Network sponsors activities to accomplish that goal, including research and study of advances in the state-of-the-art of legal representation, and sponsors continuing legal education seminars for corporate and outside counsel and insurance professionals. Our CLE programs aid in the dissemination of new information and effective techniques and technologies to attorneys and claims professionals serving corporations and insurers.

Since 1993 we have conducted two three-day CLE seminars each year. In 2000, we added one-day CLE seminars to our offerings. Our focus is always excellence in litigation management and trial results. We are the home of the "Litigation Management Supercourse," a program that our attorneys created in 1993 and have produced and updated more than 60 times since then together with various not-for-profit CLE organizations and bar associations.

The Network is not a law firm nor a partnership of law firms; it is a membership corporation
The Network does not practice law and is neither a law firm nor a partnership of law firms. The Network does not render legal advice nor make referrals. Only the individual lawyers within each member law firm practice law and render legal advice. Each member law firm is solely responsible for the matters entrusted to its care. No member law firm is responsible for the work, professional service or legal advice provided by any other member law firm.

The Network does not refer clients to attorneys nor does it endorse or recommend law firms
The Network does not refer clients to law firms or to attorneys. The listing in these materials of any law firm's name is not an endorsement or recommendation of that law firm by The Network or by any law firm that may be a member of the Network.

Note: Each member law firm of The Network of Trial Law Firms, Inc. has attorneys who are licensed to practice in the states in which they have offices. In addition, many member law firms have attorneys who are licensed to practice in other states.

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Officers and Directors

Scott O'Connell
2015 Chair

Nixon Peabody
Boston, MA
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Lee Hollis
2015 Vice-Chair

Lightfoot Franklin & White
Birmingham, AL
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Stacie Hartman
2015 Treasurer

Schiff Hardin
Chicago, IL
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2015 Secretary

Lowenstein Sandler
Roseland, NJ
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Hugh Gottschalk

Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell
Denver, CO
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Ellis Mirsky
Exec. Director and G.C.

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Edd Schillay
Director of Operations

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